Most frequent questions and answers

We are Southern Cross Games! (Abbreviated as SCG) We provide you with high quality and awesome experiences!

When you use any of our products or services we keep your data secure by:

  • 1. Not having any interesting data on you (seriously if someone where to buy your data there would be nothing of interest)
  • 2. Keeping our database secure and encrypted
  • 3. Not being a jerk by selling it to anyone


If you’d like to make an offer on peoples’s personal data please feel free to contact [email protected]

(That’s satire, obviously)

Say you really like this community? The best thing to help us is to spread the word to other people like you. That’s right, we don’t want your money or your ad clicks, We want the word to spread. Try using the hashtag #southern_cg to get our name out!

We want people just like you.

If you have a problem with one of our services please contact support

(It is important you contact the right support department)


In-Game support: Please use our Discord server #support channel


Billing & Accounts: Please open a support ticket